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Muestra de moldes de níquel y galvanoplastia

Our manufacturing process

Below we show you the process involved in the design and creation of a doll. We first show the design of a wax head moulded by the sculptor. Once finished, we proceed with the elaboration of the nickel mould in electroplating baths by using the electroforming process. When it is removed from the tank, we will finish mechanising the master mould.

El escultor realiza la cera del modelo a electroconformar.

1. The sculptor moulds the wax of the model to be electroformed.

Una vez realizado el modelo este pasa por el baño de niquel.

2. Once the model has been made, it undergoes nickel plating.

El ultimo paso será mecanizar el molde de níquel que será el molde máster para rotomoldeo

3. The last step consists of mechanising the nickel mould, which will be the master mould for rotomoulding.

Rotomoulding moulds for dolls, mannequins, reborn dolls, brand displays, toys and many more.

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